House Hunters – Noblesville Edition

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I know Andy loves being a Realtor because of the simple fact that he comes home at night and does not complain when I flip on HGTV’s House Hunters. We usually try to guess which house they picked and he is usually correct – and can give me reasons why they decided on the “winner”. He is very good at listening to the buyers and really getting a feel for what THEY want…unlike me who spends most of the show critiquing the 3 choices.
Unlike the HGTV version, House Hunters Noblesville Edition does allow you to view more than 3 properties & does not conclude with Suzanne Whang requiring you to pick one of the 3 in a 10 minute negotiation session. Andy spends hours/days/weeks showing homes to clients and takes calls almost 24/7 – yes, there have been many times at home I have wanted to shove that Blackberry…well, you get the idea. While I do get slightly annoyed with the Blackberry at times, I do respect his availability to his clients & his exceptional communication skills. That is the real world of being a Realtor – available to your clients 24/7 and until Suzanne Whang shows up here in Noblesville – I have learned to embrace the life of real estate!

Amanda Sheets