A Sad Day for Andy

Morse Lake Information & News

We’re back from Columbus and it was a great game…for one of us. After the 3rd Ohio State touchdown (beautiful 60yd TD pass from Pryor to Saine …but back to my story), Andy leaned over to me and said “I should be back home in Noblesville – out on the boat right now”. He was probably right…not much enjoyment for a Hoosier fan in Ohio Stadium yesterday.

I think he has finally turned his frown upside down, as he just set sail on the pontoon boat with clients for a real estate boat tour of Morse. He spent most of the day Friday previewing homes around the lake (homes he has not seen yet) & will be showing many of those to folks today. I’m a little (ok a lot) jealous that he will be spending his afternoon on the boat touring homes on the lake while I jump back in the car to go pick up the kids. I would love to head out and enjoy House Hunters Morse Lake.

In other great news, we have a buyer coming tomorrow (hopefully) for the Shore Station lift that we are getting rid of. For those of you who don’t know Andy well, he is a bit of a collector of “things” – especially dock/lift parts. I’m convinced he should start up a dock company, but I’m thinking he would spend the majority of his time working on ours. So for those of you lake folks out there who need dock/lift parts or advice – you know who to call!

After his tour of the lake, Andy is heading to Fishers for a listing appointment. A busy Sunday of Real Estate!