The making of the Morse Lake Surfing Realtor Photo

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Since the publication of “The Morse Lake Surfing Realtor Photo” our question box has been full. “How did he do that?” “Was it real or a good Photoshop job?” “Did he get wet?”  All excellent questions!

First, let me tell you that Andy’s passion for water sports is probably a close second to his own children. He would surf/board etc…just about anytime of day/night or season. As long as the lake isn’t frozen – he’s in. So I guess it wouldn’t surprise you to know The Morse Lake Surfing Realtor Photo was taken in October – a day that was too cold for me, wimpy wife who gets cold easily, to even go out on the boat to take the pictures! I’ll admit now, I thought he had lost his marbles when he devised the plan….bungee cord, wet suit, shirt & tie, Century 21 sign…..

For those of you that have never been or seen anyone wake surf, you get up on the surf board much the same as water ski’s or wake board. You are pulled up by a rope behind the boat, but once you “catch the wave” you can throw the rope back into the boat and “ride the wave” hands free……which makes this an ideal sport for carrying your “SOLD” sign with you.

Now the challenge – how to get up on the surf board with the SOLD sign and not get the dress clothes wet? Ah yes…a dock start. He sat on the edge of the dock and had the boat pull him up right from a sitting positing – staying dry! But….How did he hold onto the sign if he was also holding onto the rope? He decided to bungee cord the SOLD sign around his neck (don’t try that at home kids!) and remove it as soon as he “caught the wave” and was able to throw the rope into the boat. But don’t worry, he made sure to put the bungee cord in his pocket after removing it from his neck – don’t want to waste a good bungee cord!

The bad news– you only get one take….you fall and get wet and we’re done. The good news – Andy is a really good surfer, so not too worried.

His master plan went off without a hitch – at least that is what the guys told me, I was at home in the warm, dry house. Dock start was successful, caught the wave & let go of the ski rope, took bungee cord off & held sign, photo’s snapped – success!

And yes… he did fall and get wet at the end!

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