Step One: Pre-Qualification- Patrick Bowers, Mortgage Broker

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Step One: Pre-Qualification

When contemplating a home purchase the first step for a prospective borrower is going to be the pre-qualification.  This is a simple process that can be done over the phone, in person or online in just a matter of minutes.  The pre-qual takes into account income, employment and assets as well as a credit review and debt evaluation.

For the pre-qualification I don’t need any hard documentation and all you need to have handy is:

  • 2 year employment history
  • 2 year address history
  • Name, Social Security #, DOB
  • Base Income
  • Estimate of Asset Balances

I will pull your credit which will list all debts and credit scores.

There is no obligation or cost to the borrower for a pre-qualification and is 100% confidential. It also allows the borrower to determine their purchase price range, what products are available, and improve their credit or borrowing profile previous to a purchase to ensure they receive the best interest rates.

For a quick and confidential pre-qualification please contact me via phone or email.

Thank you,

Patrick Bowers, Mortgage Banker
3077 E. 98th Street, Suite 150
Indianapolis, IN 46280
Cell (317) 258-8334