A New World

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Have you ever discovered “a whole new world” that you never knew existed?

A month or so ago we decided it was time to dive into the world of social media. We set up a business page for Sold By Sheets on facebook, twitter, youtube, linkedin etc…and began our quest to market our business – selling real estate in Noblesville and beyond. I consider myself a “computer geek” and have casually been on facebook for personal use for the past year or so – so it wasn’t exactly new to me. I expected to post a few updates here and there about homes for sale and trends in the industry….that would be about it. Boy was I wrong!

Diving into the world of social media reminds me of the day our daughter was born. You see, our daughter weighed only 1lb 12oz and was born at 25 weeks gestation. The day she was born, I walked into the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and looked around – it was a world I had no idea existed until that moment. There were 55 other babies fighting for their lives, 8 of which were also less than 2lbs. Who knew? Why had I never heard of such a place before? I had entered a world where babies less than 2lbs are born each and every day of the year. In the next 4 months, I dove in head first – learning everything there was to know about extremely premature babies, talking with others who shared the experience and discovering ways to improve her future.

As I’ve begun using facebook, twitter, youtube and beyond for business networking in real estate, I have that same feeling I did when I stepped into the NICU for the first time – Why didn’t I know about this world before? How did this exist without me knowing about it? I find myself speaking #twitter and @facebook – tagging and hashtagging – friending and liking….diving in head first! I can’t believe there are businesses out there who do not have a social media presence!

It is new, it is exciting and the possibilities are limitless… much like they were for our daughter 4 years ago. Our daughter, Ellie, has taken those opportunities and grown into a beautiful, smart and perfect 4 ½ year old girl. I can only imagine where social media has the potential to take our small business and I am excited to see what “new worlds” I discover along the way!

What worlds have you discovered that helped you grow personally or professionally?

I’d love to hear about them!