Falling Leaves

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Our old house was just north of Broad Ripple, it was charming, old and oozed character – as most of the homes in the Broad Ripple/Meridian Kessler area do. We looked at  80+ homes for sale in the area and fell in love with this one the minute we saw it. It was our first fall in the new house and we love it – especially the beautiful old trees that lined our property – we’d never had an actual tree to call our own. We were thrilled – until those big, beautiful, old trees started dropping their leaves.

Andy and I were in the front yard one day raking and bagging leaves – and raking and bagging and raking and bagging and raking…. When a neighbor walked by – “Oh It’s so nice to see someone doing it the old fashioned way” she said to us. Andy and I both looked at each other and replied in unison “WHAT’S THE NEW WAY??” How were we supposed to know that raking and bagging was the old fashioned way? We had never owned a tree before?

There is an “old fashioned” way to do just about everything – there is an old fashioned way to do your banking, to fight a war, to clean your clothes, to send a message and yes, to find a new home.

How do we learn how to do things “the new way”?

We find a TRUSTED expert in that field and we learn from their knowledge.

Buying a house is the largest single purchase most of us will ever make and it still blows my mind to think there are people who do not hire a Realtor they TRUST.

A trusted Realtor is how you know you have negotiated for the best possible price on a house.

A trusted Realtor is how you know you are selling your home for the highest possible price.

A trusted Realtor is how you know you have all of the information about a property before you purchase.

A trusted Realtor is how you know you are investing your money wisely.

As I was raking leaves yesterday at our home in Noblesville, my new favorite neighbor came to my rescue – with the Vac & Chop (it sucks up leaves and chops them into little pieces – and bags them too!) Ahhhh “the new way”!

How do you learn how to do things “the new way”?

Now I just need to figure out what I’m going to do with all of the time I planned on raking and bagging leaves?