Morse Waterways Association – Summary of General Meeting 11/23/2010

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1.    We voted for 2011 Morse Waterways Association Board Members expanding the number of Board Members from 12 – 14.

Matt Clarke, Dean Denhart, Linda Fledderjohn, Martyn Furnish, Roger Goings, Art  Hall, Eric Harley, Rusty Miller, Mike Murphy, Jim Schneider, Andy Sheets, Dick Van Voorhis, Kim Wert, Sam Zajac.

The 2011 Executive Board will be voted on during our first 2011 Board meeting.

2.    We reviewed the events and actions of 2010

a.    Our 6th year as an organization and our second year as a 501c3 non profit
b.    Oiled over 200 goose eggs many on the island, thus reducing the future population
c.    General meeting in May focused on Morse environment and education
d.    Constructed a rain garden at Morse Park and Beach
e.    6th annual Safety Awareness Days
f.     2nd annual Flotilla on July 4th
g.    Received water quality test results and a Watershed Management Plan
h.    2nd annual Dinner/Dance Fundraiser
i.      6th annual lake cleanup in July producing 8 dump truck loads of debris, plus 2nd cleanup in November along Main St. in Cicero.
j.      Suffered through severe drought year

3.    2010 Financial Results as of November 23, 2010

Checking account balance                 $4377
Donations                                $1444
Fundraiser                               $1561
Matching grant money            $1150
Insurance                                $  979
Other                                       $  863

4.    Preliminary 2011 MWA Calendar

  • January 10– Board Meeting
  • March 14 – Board Mtg
  • April 11 – Board Mtg
  • May 4 – General Mtg
  • May 9 – Board Mtg
  • May 15 – Tax Return Due
  • June 11,12 –  Safety Awareness Days
  • TBD – Morse Lake Flotilla
  • June 24 – Fundraiser Dinner
  • July 11 – Board Mtg
  • July 30 – Morse Lake Cleanup
  • Sept 10,11,17,18 – Save the Island Project
  • Sept 28 – General Mtg
  • November 14 – Board Meeting

5.    Key topics for 2011 discussion

  • Save the Island – We are still waiting for permits from IDEM and USACE. These permits had to be submitted and processed through the Water Company since they own the island. We hope to finally get this project started in Sept 2011.
  • Potential 319 grant funding for water quality projects – We are working with the Upper White River Watershed Alliance to apply for a IDEM 319 grant that would cover funding for Cicero Creek (Morse) watershed plus 4 other local watersheds. All 5 have Watershed Management Plans that have been completed within the last 2 years.

6.    Open Discussion

a.    We discussed the need for a PR person. If you are interested in helping to write newsletters, web site content, coordinating information and events with newspapers and home owners associations, please contact Jim Schneider

b.    No immediate updates on dredging. Currently there is no interest from IMI or Martin Marietta for mining aggregate from Morse. Some home owners took it upon themselves to have their coves dredged while the reservoir water level was low.

Donations Always Welcomed

Just your $10 donation will help with our expenses. Make checks out to Morse Waterways Association and send them to: Jim Schneider, 2460 Cape Henry Ct. Cicero, IN 46034. Or log on to the Morse Waterways Association Website our web site  and donate through PayPal. MWA is a non-profit 501(c) 3, so your donation is tax deductable.

Thanks for your support of Morse Waterways Association.

Jim Schneider


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