QR Codes For Dummies …and Realtors

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A while back I noticed a few profile pictures with these crazy sci fi graphic images and couldn’t figure out what they were. As I kept seeing these crazy techie images popping up – on TV, on paper ads, as profile pictures, etc… I decided it was time to do a little research…

They are called QR codeswhich is short for Quick Response. In simple terms – it is a barcode, much like the barcode on products we find in stores.

If you own a Smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, etc…) you can install a QR Code Reader/Scanner – which will take a photo of the QR Code and decode the information. QR Codes can store websites, phone numbers, contact info, etc…

After I did my research, downloaded my QR Code Reader and practiced scanning codes …I start thinking “How could a QR Code be used in Real Estate?”

Imagine a “drive by” of a house with a For Sale sign in the yard –

…Instead of just helping yourself to a paper flier with info (and that’s assuming they actually have fliers left in the box)

…You drive by a house with a QR code in the front yard (either on the flier or the sign). You scan the QR code with your phone and are immediately taken to a website which has complete details about the property, numerous photos & the option to schedule a showing!

As you drive away from the property you’ve seen all the photos, scheduled a showing and saved it to your favorites!

Here is a an example of a QR Code that will be in the yard of one of our Indianapolis homes for sale soon – Give your QR Skills a test run! Did it work for you?

Look for QR Codes coming very soon in the front yard of all of our listings!

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