Buy a Home with $100 Down! -Patrick Bowers, Mortgage Broker

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Over the past few years or so many of the programs allowing buyers to put low to no money down have vanished.  The standard FHA loan requires a minimum of 3.5% down ($5250 on a $150,000 purchase) not including lender fees, title fees, insurance, taxes, etc.  Often times this minimum down payment plus additional costs puts a financial strain on many potential buyers. There is an option though…

There is a little talked about product though the FHA where you are required only to put down $100 when purchasing a HUD home.  HUD will also cover up to 3% of the buyer’s closing costs, if requested in the purchase agreement. There are many great opportunities to purchase real estate and take advantage of the $100 down payment all over the state.  For instance on a quick search of HUD homes for sale in Noblesville, I found 16 active listings!

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