iPhone or Blackberry – Need your vote!

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I find it ironic the trackball fell out of my blackberry yesterday and is now being held together with electrical tape – the irony in this story is this happened the same day Verizon announced the release of the iPhone coming Feb 10th.

I love my blackberry, but realize there are so many amazing apps that I’m missing out on. The impending need for a new phone motivated me to do my iPhone research today – and let me tell you I WANT AN iPHONE NOW! (and I’ll take an iPad too!) Let’s just hope the tape holds another few weeks!

A few telling facts I learned

  • Blackberry lost ½ of their customers in 2010
  • 81% of the market is iPhone and Android (54% iPhone and 27% Android)
  • Only 10% of the smartphone market is Blackberry

These numbers tell me one thing – the future is with iPhone & Droid. If I were developing an app – you better believe it wouldn’t be for a Blackberry. The number of apps that could be applied to real estate and home searching is amazing! Here are 2 of my favorite apps & how they could be applied to real estate…

  • UStream – Broadcast LIVE Open Houses or home tours. Live! How cool is that?! How about showing a home for sale in Noblesville to a client in Florida– via LIVE video!
  • Realtor.com App for the iPad – First, the iPad knows exactly where you are and displays all homes for sale on the map in your area. You can even draw a square with your finger around an area and the map zooms in and shows all homes for sale in that area. Would be very hand while driving clients around town. Cool!

Of course we, Sold By Sheets, have an iPhone App to search homes for sale in the greater Indianapolis area – an App I’ve never fully tested since I’m stuck in Blackberry world.

I’m sold on the technology for marketing and social media, but here are my questions to you…

Do you find it difficult to type without being able to feel the keys. I really like the touch and feel of my blackberry keyboard…… I’ll admit, this has been my hold up with “touch” screen phones in the past.

What are your favorite iPhone apps?

Finally, What is your vote – iPhone or Blackberry?