Is Your iPhone 4 facebook App Crashing? Read This!

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As I’ve become more and more “Tech Savvy” the anticipation of the iPhone 4 from Verizon has been building for me! I pre-ordered the phone last week – at 3am – and if Verizon knew me they would know that is no way to treat a valued customer like me. There are only a few things that warrant dragging my body out of bed at 3am – and the anticipation of the iPhone was apparently one of them!

I’ve only had the phone 2 days now and have already had to resolve one major issue with the facebook app. Not sure how the iPhone could possibly have issues with the facebook app -there are only 500 million people on facebook – so you would think they would be quick to fix or publish a fix to any issue, but I had to do some major digging to figure out a fix for my problem. The more I researched, the more I found this has been an ongoing issue with facebook & the iPhone (not just with the new Verizon iPhone).

My facebook app for my Verizon iPhone 4 was crashing/closing unexpectedly and then would not let me re-open. I uninstalled the facebook app and reinstalled many many times – no luck…still issues.

Here is what (I hope) has finally fixed the issue for me….

1. Uninstall your facebook app and shut down your iPhone

2. Go to a pc and login to facebook – change your password

3. Start up your iPhone, Reinstall the facebook app on your iPhone and login with your new password

Worked for me!  Fingers crossed!