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Finding The Perfect Morse Lake Home and Location For You

We are frequently approached by clients looking for a Morse Lake Home and looking for the best deal out there. Good question, I know about most every home for sale on Morse BUT let’s talk more to figure out exactly what is the best fit for YOU!

You see, my family and I live on “The Party Cove” or “Cocktail Cove”…. We frequently get crazy looks and folks wondering why on earth we would want to live here?

  • Isn’t it crazy all the time?
  • I can’t imagine what you guys see!
  • I bet your kids have learned some new things!
  • Isn’t the music loud all the time?

Actually, we love it. LOVE it. If we won the lotto tomorrow we wouldn’t move. EVER. It’s a perfect fit – for us! No, we’re not crazy partiers who like to listen to loud music 24 hours a day and drink beer through noodles (ok so we’ve learned a few things) – What we DO love about our location:

Morse Lake - Paddle Boarding
Morse Lake – Paddle Boarding in the cove
  • In the cove, you can swim 24/7 in nice calm water without fast boats going by
  • We have the ideal spot to kayak, paddle board, float, fish, canoe, etc…
  • As I sit here typing on this 80 degree August day, there is not a single boat in the cove. Not one. You see the vast majority of the time there isn’t a single boat out there and even on the weekends it’s mainly families with kids (like us) out enjoying lake life!
  • We are a minute away from “big water” if we want to ski, tube, wakeboard, surf, etc…
  • We still have a nice “big water” view from our cove
  • The cove is great protection from wind & wave damage to our dock!
  • We’re able to have a sandy beach area that isn’t washed away by waves.


Every single client I work with is different in terms of what is important & where the ideal location on Morse Lake is for them. Just a few things to consider when deciding on the perfect spot for you…

Nothing quite like this view & location for a lakeside volleyball game!
Nothing quite like this view & location for a lakeside volleyball game!
  1. Idle zones offer wonderful locations for swimming, fishing, kayaking, paddle boarding, etc… with “skiable” waters just a few minutes away. 
  2. Homes on the Eastern shoreline of the lake offer some of the most amazing sunset views! If a glass of wine on the deck watching the sunset is your ideal way to end your day – go east!
  3. Main body of water locations can’t be beat for the views! If you enjoy that panoramic view of the water there is nothing like a home on big, open water! You get the full lake house experience and main body of water homes hold their value like no other!
  4. If you like quiet & peaceful and don’t really care about the views, but want water access a channel might be a good fit for you. It will most definitely be lighter on your wallet as well!
  5. If the majority of your water time is going to be on a jet ski or a quick early morning ski, a home that is way back in the idle zone with a 15 minute ride to “big water” probably isn’t your ideal location.

Every home as well as every location have their pro’s and con’s, but that list is different for every single person!

Let me help you find YOUR perfect Morse Lake home!


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Andy Sheets, REALTOR
CENTURY 21 – Scheetz