Top 5 Sales on Morse!

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It’s true home values on Morse have increased over the years. Looking at the top 5 home sales over the past 5 years most definitely reflects this upward trend. 

In fact, the most expensive home sold on Morse in 2018 would be 13th on the list in 2023!

Is it a good time to buy on Morse? Yes! While it is true home values have increased over the years, I don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon. With growth continuing to move north in Hamilton County, Morse will continue to be a highly desirable place to live!

Is it a good time to sell on Morse? Yes! 10+ years ago I remember there being 55+ homes and condos for sale on Morse at all times. Showing homes on the lake meant a full day of touring lake homes. In recent years, it’s rare to see more than 5 homes/condos for sale at any given time. It’s simple economics of supply & demand!






2023 to date – As of November 8th

Andy Sheets, REALTOR/Broker®
Your Morse Lake Real Estate Expert